Xia Brookside

Xia Brookside
eng England
Leicester, Leicestershire, England, UK
5′ 3″
110 lbs
Trained By
Dean Allmark, Robbie Brookside & Robbie Dynamite
May 2015
Finishing Move
Dropkick, Facebuster, Japanese Rolling Clutch
IPW:UK Women’s Championship PWU Women’s Championship WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 Participant.
Tag Teams
The Angelics (Xia Brookside & Erin Angel) The JawDropperz (Xia Brookside & Sean Custom)
January 1, 2019



Quite often in wrestling, someone new arrives on the scene with a familiar name, sometimes stolen from (or a “homage” to) a former legend of the business, but sometimes it is actually a family name. In these cases, they often fall into two categories, those who are using this famous name to get ahead of the game, and those who are continuing a legacy.

Xia Brookside falls firmly into the latter, and spent years around the business at legendary promoter Brian Dixon’s “All Star Wrestling”, the longest running wrestling promotion in UK history, an accolade earned through decades of having the best of British talent mixed with International stars with an alumni of some of the biggest names in wrestling worldwide.

Being a second generation superstar can be both a blessing and a curse, as the daughter of legendary British wrestler Robbie Brookside, currently a trainer for the WWE, would give the budding star a unique insight into wrestling but, at the same time comes the burden of a family name up to which she will have to live.

When Bombshells management contacted Miss Brookside they were looking for fresh talent to add to their roster and it turns out they found this in spades in Xia. It didn’t take long for her boundless enthusiasm and charisma to catch on with BWE fans leading to a debut victory against (as of writing) now Bombshells Champion Little Miss Roxxy in what some would consider a slight upset given Roxxy’s knack of causing mischief and flouting the rules.

This victory gave Xia a surprise championship opportunity At Smashcon against Ruby Summers, where the thousand-plus crowd watched the champion brutalise the young challenger leading to Ruby retaining her title at the film & television convention with Xia unable to meet the 10 count outside the ring following a collision with a ring post.

Xia would come back from this stronger, and following some impressive performances all over Europe and in Japan, she returned with Little Miss Roxxy once again in her sights. Following a number one contenders match with the always impressive Lizzy Styles, as well as laying down a challenge to the mammoth “310lbs Diva” Dominita, she would get a title opportunity. This match at BWE would not go the way she planned with Roxxy’s beau, HT Drake, interfering causing the DQ, this would lead to BWE management setting a rematch where once again HT Drake would cause a DQ.

Xia would then be announced as a participant in the 2018 Mae Young Classic and following an impressive showing would then be named as part of the WWE NXT UK roster.

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