Inspiration and The Women of Irish Wrestling – by Chloe Lynch

Inspiration- something or someone that motivates you/ something, someone, you look up too. 

If it wasn’t for the women of Irish Wrestling I don’t know where I’d be. 
Girls like me these days look up to their favourite MUA or singer, I look up to women wrestlers, the toughest women on the planet! 

For Christmas other girls I know get makeup pallets I get merch. 

Stars came to my attention like Debbie Keitel, Katey Harvey, Valkyrie, Amy Allonsy, Raven Creed and all I thought was WOW.

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These amazing girls kicking ass like superheroes making Irish women’s wrestling phenomenal and putting their names in history books. From it being only Katey Harvey and Session Moth Martina on the scene, fighting for promoters to realise women’s wrestling matter in Ireland,  To the likes of Raven Creed , Rebecca Reznor , Amy Allonsy and so much more amazing women tearing down the doors and being better then men, it made me think “hey that could be me one day”. 

The Irish have certainly made their mark around the world from the likes of Debbie Keitel becoming the IT Champion at Fierce Females , Katey Harvey becoming the first ever GWF Women’s champion, Session Moth Martina making a name for herself in Japan and the States, these amazing women wrestling the likes of Xia Brookside ,
Ayeesha Raymond
, Killer Kelly or Isla Dawn . These women show even though we are from a small island we can hang with the top leagues.  

As soon as I found out about schools the plan was already coming along in my head I was so determined and instead of learning what x was in maths or trying to learn my sraith
in Irish I would be dreaming about winning the OTT Women’s championship against my idols. 

A few weeks ago Amy Allonsy messaged me and said she was the weird wrestling kid too and told me to never give up on my dreams , Rebecca Reznor gave me the heads up on what to expect and said its obvious I have the passion to do this, Its because of these women they make me happy during the dark times.

Every match I see get advertised all I feel is proud and pride, it’s amazing how far Irish women’s wrestling has come. If you ask any wrestler and said would you think Over The Top Wrestling would have in  2 consecutive years an all-female show I can guarantee they would be looking at you like you had 3 heads.

I am a true believer that everyone on this planet needs a hero to look up to and I proudly say my heroes lace-up boots and kick some ass. I remember the first women’s match I watch it was Polyanna
vs Katey Harvey in CCW, and I remember clinching as if I was on the other end of Katey Harvey’s uppercuts, that was the first match of Irish wrestling I ever watched and all I thought was I want more!

When watching Defiant 2 I barely blinked I was glued to my phone screen, to see Raven Creed dethrone Sammi Jayne, Valkyrie battle it out with Viper, it was like watching a battle between David and Galith. If this is the present I can’t wait to see the future the likes of Rebecca Reznor ,
Myla Grace ,
Anita  Vaughan and many more. The sky is the limit for the future and even that limit can be stretched. With recent news of 2 new schools opening in Ireland, you never know the next Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair could be right under our noses. Without these amazing women, I wouldn’t be the crazy wrestling fan I am today such inspirations and the nicest people in the universe. 

Don’t be surprised if you see the likes of Lady Valkyrie or Amy Allonsy in an NXT UK ring cause the Irish are truly taking over.

All you amazing women thank you for everything and making my love for wrestling grow even stronger each day. May our paths one day meet in the squared circle. 

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