Is the light Women’s Division roster behind RAW’s flagging ratings?

The July 9th RAW had only 2.470 million viewers making it the lowest RAW viewership EVER. This unwanted record was previously set on September 26th, 2016 when the show did 2.478 million viewers. That was almost excusable as it was up against the Trump V Clinton Presidential Debate and Monday Night Football.

With Rhonda Rousey serving a month-long ban from RAW and the Universal Champion still infamously absent (UFC appearances aside), you would expect the WWE to use this time to build the excitement around the depth of their roster. Alternatively, they could have used this time to build on the Women’s roster and set up something new and exciting to take the #WomensRevolution forward. Instead we get yet another 4 person segment, this time a tag match with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs. Nia Jax and Natalya, a singles match with Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan and another challenging to watch segment with Sasha Banks and Bayley (this time without Dr. Shelby?) and…that’s your lot.

It kinda begs the question why we had the on-screen return, from a serious tailbone injury, by Alica Fox on the 25th June episode if we aren’t going to see this followed up.

And whilst it is great to see them pushing new talent in Ember Moon and Liv Morgan is having these two new stars going one on one, on RAW, the best way to elevate either talent? If they win they have only beat a fellow newcomer, and what does it say about the loser’s ability to hang with the top stars on RAW?

This rematch didn’t quite reach the heights of their battle last week, Morgan looked like she is increasing in confidence, moved around well and kept up with Moon throughout, delivering moves that channeled some Trish Stratus classics with a twist; a middle-rope bulldog, and a duck into a full bridge to avoid a kick. The kind of moveset that she hasn’t really been given the opportunity to showcase thus far. Moon was obviously the focus here and picked up the win following a creative jackknife roll-up. Again this would have been a much better victory had it been over an established star like Mickie James, but she was tied up in the tag match, and there are few other options, showing just how light the women’s roster is looking on RAW. Given the current ratings situation, surely there is an argument for them finding a reason to bring in someone from Smackdown or one of the Hall of Famers or legends from the Womens Rumble match rather than two new competitors where one has to cannibalize the other ones push.


This RAW was infront of Sasha Bank’s hometown crowd, surely having her appear in some form, even if it was just for the live audience, would have made sense – this is from one of her instore signings the day of the show:

Again it might be down to RAW’s light women’s roster as to why she did not appear, even a dark match with Dana Brooke, one of the few of the roster not in action, would probably not have worked with Titus Worldwide currently fan favourites, but surely someone on the NXT roster could have been given a chance. Instead, we are “treated” to another awkward segment, which was so poor even Dr. Shelby called in sick.


The booking of both these two has been pretty lacklustre for some time, and hopefully, this inevitable feud will change that.  One thing is for sure, nobody will be tuning in next week in the hope of another segment like this.

Which leads us to the main event of the women’s wrestling on RAW. It was all the leftover eggs out in one basket as we saw Natalya and Nia Jax Vs Mickie James Vs Natalya and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

This was a tag match building towards the Extreme Rules Championship Match between Bliss and Jax at this Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV- the only women’s match on the card.

For the level of talent on display, it was disappointing to see this become the oft seen generic and short tag match. Jax was made to look unstoppable throughout and was able to get over the emotion of how much her upcoming match with Bliss, and her chance to take back the title, means to her. Immediately after the bell, Bliss attacked with a kendo stick from behind and took down her rivals, but Jax grabbed the kendo stick and The Goddess made a run for it as Nia snapped the weapon in half on her knee. It is a shame they had to waste Natalya and Mickie James in this just to build towards Extreme Rules, which neither is apart of, but this after the match encounter was a solid preview of what to expect at Extreme Rules.

Alexa Vs Nia Jax Extreme Rules WWE

Alexa Vs Nia Jax Extreme Rules. credit: WWE

Though the Extreme Rules does have the added bonus that we will see the return of Ronda Rousey, who whilst suspended from RAW, defeated Nia Jax at the Maddison Square Garden super show two days earlier and is available to be at Extreme Rules She said:.

“Well I’m excited for that match,” Rousey said. “I’m so excited in fact that even though I’m suspended from RAW, I’m not suspended from Extreme Rules. So I’m going to be buying a ticket and it’s going to be a front row ticket.”

It seems that whilst there is a wealth of women’s talent on Smackdown a lot is riding on the success of Rhonda Rousey. With all the excitement around the #WomensRevolution are WWE missing a trick by having such a small women’s roster, would they see more ratings from bringing in some new talent? What are your thoughts on this?

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