Millie McKenzie Wins the Sendai Girls Championship

Her age is usually the first thing brought up when the name of Coventry born Millie McKenzie is mentioned, but don’t let that be a distraction. Having wrestled her debut match on 17th October, 2016, McKenzie has made sure she has done a considerable amount in that short space of time, and she can now add to that list the Sendai Girls Junior Championship, beating inaugural champion Ayame Sasamura on January 6th, who had held the title since it’s introduction last October.

McKenzie is only 18 and has the potential to be one of the best wrestlers this country has produced

After the match she spoke to interviewers in Japan and has this to say:

She also spoke about and praised her trainers, who include WWE NXT UK stars Pete Dunne and Travis Banks.

This was only her third appearance in Japan and she now hopes to bring the title back to the UK to defend and has hoped to face the likes of Charlie Evans and Kay Lee Ray for the title, before, if successful, returning to Japan to take on the best junior wrestlers, she speaks in the interview of wanting to take on new opponents to challenge herself, though It would be expected that Sasamura will want another chance against Suplex Millie.

Heres some of the story over on Twitter:


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