Pippa L’Vinn celebrates 20 years working with the PGWA

This week Pippa L’Vinn celebrated 20 years working with Ladysports.com and PGWA (the Professional Girl Wrestling Association.)

She did this the way she knows best, in the ring. L’Vinn had a series of “Grudge Matches” at her Wrestling Factory in Manchester, against many of her rivals in this time culminating with a match with Shelby Beach.

Pippa L’Vinn, a resident of Manchester UK, has been wrestling for twenty plus years as an amateur, a pro wrestler, free style grappler and a judo competitor. Her success has not been overnight nor has it been easy. L’Vinn has had her share of bumps and bruises, but thankfully no broken bones or noses. “Wrestling is fun, but takes lots of work to learn and perfect any technique at all,” says Pippa.

Pippa has always been an adventurer at heart, but when she started it was really a shock to her body to step through the ropes and give it a try. Asking Pippa what has been her secret to being in wrestling for so long? “At first, I was only wanting to wrestle. Then as time went on, I wanted my own gym with a ring. That happened in 2005. Since that time I saw the need to help other people who were interested in the sport, so I became a trainer because of my experience.” “I became more aware of the interest, not only from those who wanted to learn to wrestle, but from fans as well.

So, I guess I became a promoter of events here in Manchester. It’s a lot of responsibility but my reward is the fun I see the fans having, and the wrestlers who come to compete.” Pippa has wrestled in many parts of the world, and back in 1999, she caught the attention of an American promoter who owned the Professional Girl Wrestling Association (PGWA) and LadySports promotions.

“We saw the potential of Ms L’Vinn and her associate, Shelby Beach who just put their hearts into what they did at our event in the US. It’s been a long lasting relationship of both parties and it’s been successful for both.” says Randy Powell owner of the promotion.

“…It’s hard to believe that we have worked and promoted our two companies for 20 years this November”

Pippa has to say she owes her success to the hard work she has put into it. She trains a lot, keeps her gym tidy, and her trainees keep coming back for more.

She explained that wrestling is not for everyone, but for those who like it, they soon grow to love it and have this desire to be involved with the business in some way. If desire, dedication, toughness, and self starting is not in their DNA, Pippa doesn’t think they would last in the ring or on a mat very long. Pippa’s gym is called The Wrestling Factory and besides being a well known name on the indy circuit she has to be an accountant, project coordinator, scheduler for her trainees, custodian, shuttle service driver and many other things. Our hat is off to this dedicated wrestler who keeps pushing herself to be the BEST.

We were fortunate, just over ten years ago, back in 2008, to film this rarely seen pro wrestling contest featuring Pippa L’Vinn taking on Shelby Beach (then wrestling as “Sensational” Shelly.)

More info about Pippa L’Vinn can be found on her website:

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