The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Title is a good thing, right?

When Alexa Bliss introduced the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on her Moment of Bliss segment we should have all been thinking this is the latest step in giving the women of the WWE equal footing with the men.

The belt design is a move away from recent designs and is one of the nicest looking title belts we have seen in some time, anywhere. The titles are coming out of retirement having not been seen since 1989.

WWF Women's Tag Team Championship belt.

Then came the news that three teams from the RAW brand and three teams from the Smackdown brand will go head to head on one night to crown new champions. No slow build, no tournament, no chance to see any of the women superstars come together as teams, to overcome all the odds and beat all comers in order to be to the champions.

The lack of focus on the women’s division has been much lamented, as was the decision to broadcast shows in countries where women’s wrestling was banned. The #womensrevolution has been questionable at every turn, for every main event spot the women on either brand are given, there’s a dozen 8 man tag or battle royale or any form of match type that involves the largest possible women being thrown together in one short segment.

Even when the historical women’s Royal Rumble match was announced we knew it would be on the same show as the men’s rumble.

On it’s conception by Pat Patterson the concept for the Rumble match was:

” The match begins with the two wrestlers who have drawn entry numbers one and two, with the remaining wrestlers entering the ring at regular timed intervals, either 90 seconds or two minutes, according to their entry number”

Obviously the run time of this meaning the match would have to lessened to a new participant every 60 seconds. The change meant the upcoming Rumble match would ensure the 30 women participants would be showcased in a match which will last about 35-40 minutes.

Since the Evolution PPV we have not had another all women PPV announcement. There is definitely an argument that the WWE has played another masterstroke by claiming to further women’s wrestling whilst actually keeping it back. We look forward to the new Tag Team Champions being crowned at Elimination Chamber and hope going forward

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