Voodoo Queen Amarah
nga Nigeria
eng England
Within the Spirit World
5' 5"
152 lbs
Finishing Move
Mizchinuka Driver
January 14, 2019

Voodoo Queen Amarah is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most unique competitors in the history of British women’s wrestling.

Whilst, not the first wrestler to hail from somewhere like “Parts Unknown” or the first to use Voodoo, Amarah still brings with her an ominous presence.

Voodoo Queen Amarah – Credit Forecast Designs

She arrived in the Bombshells with a reputation as a fearless competitor and an ever-growing reputation, laying down a challenge to Little Miss Roxxy for the British Bombshells Championship.

It speaks volumes about Roxxy’s relationship with the fans when in this match they instead chose to cheer on a practitioner of the dark arts!

The British Bombshells