Evee Black

Evee Black
Evee Black
eng England
Leeds, UK
5' 4"
143 lbs
Trained By
JC Thunder & El Ligero
Finishing Move
Wrecking Ball
January 14, 2019

Still in her teens on her arrival in the Bombshells, Evee Black was another unknown quantity. Up to that point,  she had largely stayed with the Grapple promotion where she trained. It wasn’t long after her debut in the Bombshell’s that Black appeared in the first ever inter-gender tag match as she teamed up with “500lbs of Pure Muscle” Flex Buffington, to take on The Pop-Punk Kid Jake Silver and Hannah Lawless.

This turned out to be a very finely matched contest, and would ultimately come down to which of these two teams could work best as a team.

The British Bombshells