Jennie B

Jennie B
Jennie B
eng England
January 13, 2019

Jennie B began with the Bombshells as the ring announcer, often putting up with hostilities from the more volatile members of the roster. This was until Ruby Radley took umbrage to Jennie calling her the ‘former” British Bombshells Champion following her loss to Little Miss Roxxy. Ruby took our her frustration and blindsided Jennie with a vicious assault leading Ruby her being stripped of her rematch.

Jennie B stepped up her training and soon made her in-ring debut. Whilst her win-loss record in the Bombshells was more than a bit hit and miss, her energetic (and loud!) performances won over many fans. One of the more impressive outings was in the tag match with fellow fan favourite Aleena, against Natalie Wild and Dominita.



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