Natalie Wild

Natalie Wild
eng England
5' 4"
Trained By
Xander Cooper, Zack Gibson, Dave Rayne, Jack Gallagher
August 16th 2014
Finishing Move
Flying Head-mare - Satellite DDT
January 4, 2019

We have seen both sides to Natalie Wild, making her Bombshell’s debut to even the odds in a two one one mugging; when Little Miss Roxxy and Lana Austin decided to take out the fan favourite and then Bombshells Champion Ruby Radley (during her time known as Ruby Summers.)

Wild was backstage for a photo shoot to be used to announce her signing when news came through that the Ruby was being brutalised in the match which had taken a slightly immoral twist. She came to Ruby’s aid and the match was made into a tag match on more even terms.


Wild has put in some top-notch performances throughout the British women’s wrestling scene, but, we saw the more aggressive, more experienced version of Natalie Wild when she returned for tag team action, teaming with the 310lbs Diva, Dominita, to take on the relative newcomers Jennie B and Aleena.

Though, even this more aggressive Wild pales in comparison to her Penny Dreadful alter ego, formerly part of the dark and slightly freakish Wonderland with Henry T. Grodd and Noah!

Wild can also be seen teaming with partner Dan Evans as the Power Couple.

The British Bombshells