Ruby Radley

Ruby Radley
eng England
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
5' 4"
110 lbs
Trained By
JC Thunder, El Ligero, Nathan Cruz, Rampage Brown
Finishing Move
Code Breaker
January 1, 2019
British Bombshells Champion (2016)
Tag Teams
Pretty Little Killers

One of the Originals

One of Ruby’s earliest matches was as a participant of the very first Bombshells match. However, Radley’s victory over the then Bombshells Champion Lana Austin was thought by many at the time, to be a bit of an upset.

Radey was then known as Ruby Summers, a relatively new moniker intended as a fresh start from her rookie years spent under the Lexi Reckless name.

Radley would go on to become to surpass the length of Lana’s championship run,  going through a number of impressive names in the process.


A Change of Attitude

Though towards the end of this reign her frustration over other fan favourites, such as Miss Xia Brookside and Toni Storm, joining the Bombshells roster began to spill over into her performances. Ruby’s new found attitude saw her brutalising Brookside during the Bombshells’ Championship match at Smashcon, the Film & Television convention. It also played a large part in Ruby continuing to retain the title.

This reign would then come to an abrupt end with a defeat, which in many ways mirrors her original victory for the title.

Only this time whilst Ruby was a little preoccupied and somewhat fixated on new fan favourites, it was actually the mischievous Little Miss Roxxy who caused what again, at that time, could be considered a huge upset.

The “Former Bombshells Champion”

In another surprising turn, the then BWE Ring Announcer Jennie B bore the brunt of Ruby’s frustration at this title loss. After the match, Jennie B took a beating at the hands of the now (be careful saying this) former Bombshells Champion. Backstage she refused to discuss this, focussing instead on venting her feelings about the BWE Wrestling and Bombshells fans (and just about everyone else!)

In a way, this would indirectly be the cause of Jennie B starting as an in-ring performer looking to get her hands on Ruby.


If you have followed Ruby’s impressive career thus far you will know that even in her rookie years this nasty streak has shone through (as seen in this match with Fearn Way). Ruby has proven to be one of the more unpredictable women wrestlers in Britain today. One thing is for sure, you never quite know which Ruby might turn up!

The Pretty Little Killers

Ruby has teamed up with Ivy, the once self-professed Queen of the Monsters, in the self-titled team ‘The Pretty Little Killers.’ Given how few tag team specialists there currently are within the British women’s wrestling scene, they are likely to have a huge advantage over other teams out there and will be looking to make a real impact in women’s tag team action.

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