Violet O’Hara

Violet O'Hara
eng England
4' 8"
Trained By
Sweet Saraya, Steve Sykes, El Ligero, Danny Steel
Finishing Move
Ultra Violet, OMG
Bellatrix British Champion, GWA Women's Champion
January 1, 2019

In some ways, Violet O’Hara is the original British Bombshell, or at least the last of the originals still competing today. Violet was initially a product of the UKW Academy, the now-defunct GWA Academy and then the NGW Academy but largely finished at WAW/Bellatrix under the tutelage of Sweet Saraya.

She calls herself the Pocket Princess and has always been the ultimate underdog, showing a huge heart that defies her 4′ 11″ stature making her one of the most diminutive female wrestlers in Britain. Despite this, she has overcome some far bigger opponents and held titles up and down the country.

She made her debut against UKW and Bombshells alumni Kandy Leigh, winning over support from fans with plucky performances against the likes of Georgie Shaw (formerly known as Lisa “Dina’ White), Dani Brookes, former Gladiator Inferno Jemma Palmer and one time Big Brother Housemate Faye Palmer, as well as clashes with the now WWE NXT star Nikki Cross  (then wrestling as Nikky Storm.)

But it was a Queen of the Ring tournament which really brought Violet to prominence with the Bombshell’s fans, her performances all over the UK saw her chosen to enter the tournament, in the match prior to this a debuting Britani Knight (former multi-time champion WWE Wrestler and GM Paige) attacked the competitors in the match leading the plucky O’Hara challenging Paige to a match. Whilst unsuccessful her performance showed everyone that Violet O’Hara would be one to watch in the future.

When the Bombshells worked with UKW again to launch the brand, Violet was the first competitor to sign up featuring in an elimination gauntlet match, then when the Bombshells began working with Tidal Wrestling Violet was again the first competitor lined up in what would eventually be a triple threat match against International star, the now Leah Vaughan, LVD Leah Von Dutch and Lana Austin. When the Bombshells began working with UKWE/BWE Violet O’Hara was once again the first wrestler confirmed in another triple threat to crown the first ever (now defunct) British Bombshells/UKWE Women’s Champion facing the powerhouse Danni Hunter and the eventual winner and long-term rival Lana Austin.

O’Hara has had a long and storied career thus far though in recent years has been blighted with injuries that have seen her miss a considerable amount of the past two years, making her return at Bellatrix late 2018.

Violet O’Hara is one of the original Bombshells, the Sheffield based star debuted in 2011. Violet trained at UKW in Wakefield, and GWA in Grimsby. Standing at 4’11” the “Pocket Princess” is certainly not one of the taller stars in British wrestling and would often be the underdog in matches, usually giving away considerable height and weight to her opponents.

This was very apparent during her rookie year when she found herself in two matches, in as many days, against the future WWE star Paige, Britani Knight

Though O’Hara would go on to learn from these experiences, and under the tutelage of El Ligero, and then the Knight Family in WAW, Violet would go on to win Championships all over the British women’s wrestling scene.

In recent years a series of injuries kept Violet O’Hara sidelined for most of 2017-2018 meaning 2019 will be a big year for the diminutive British wrestling star

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